9WERKS Radio : The Porsche and Car Podcast

Philip Raby: from magazines to the marketplace

February 20, 2023 Andy Brookes, Lee Sibley, Max Newman Season 5 Episode 56
9WERKS Radio : The Porsche and Car Podcast
Philip Raby: from magazines to the marketplace
Show Notes

Lee visits Philip Raby Porsche to chat to the proprietors Phil and Will. A former motoring journalist, Phil started Total 911 magazine nearly 20 years ago, and explains his story in transitioning from editing magazines, where he’d write about Porsches, to his next chapter buying and selling them! Phil and Will discuss the ins and outs of running a specialist business, plus there’s love for the 986 Boxster.

You can find Phil at
www.philipraby.co.uk & @philiprabycollection


Lee recommends
@rma_trackdays as we will be attending the Porsche only track day on Saturday March 18th. There will be a 9WERKS area that you can attend free of charge if you want to see what a track day entails. Get in contact if you would like to attend.

Max is continuing his health kick from the new year by sticking to low alcohol beer, his recommended brew right now is
@luckysaintbeer Max asks if we can be sponsored by them please?

Andy would like to pass on a little thanks for being hailed a legend! Might be a little embarrassed by that!
@legends_drivers_club featured Andy on their instagram account a couple of weeks ago, here's to spreading the love back.

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